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Who needs customer service training?

In an establishment based around customer service, it is vital that all employees undergo a basic level of training to enhance their knowledge of the job and role within that company.

Improving your customer relationships is an essential way of developing a business which has a strong retention of consumers and is perceived to be a quality business to work with.


Everyone needs training


In any job where employees have a front-line customer service role, training is key on the first day, so it becomes ingrained in every aspect of service they give.

Good customer service improves employee satisfaction, decreases stressful situations, and creates a better experience for the customer. Regular training means that your team will approach every situation with a sense of consistency, which helps further the power of your brand, especially against competitors.

It has the power to increase sales for your business, as customers will feel satisfied by the service, which makes them likely to share their experience via word of mouth.

According to Aberdeen, it is believed that there is a 92% retention amongst companies who adopt a well-crafted customer service approach. It’s simple, the better the service your company can provide, the likelihood your customers will feel loyalty to your brand and recommend to others.

Every colleague is a representative of your business, and so if someone is not sufficiently trained or inadequate service, it can have damaging effects on your brand.


Creating a confident knowledgeable team


There are several things which each employee must understand about the service they give and the sensitivity of the job in question. For example, they must be able to effectively:

  • manage customers’ expectations
  • create rapport with customers – making them feel unique and individual
  • recognise and act on opportunities for selling further products and services

In giving your employees the right equipment to do their job, you will see the results quickly. They will be able to feel confident about the job they do, by understanding the impression that they create with customers, control conversations and providing excellent answers.


Make training regular


When talking about training, it is sometimes easy to think it is only for new starters, but this is not always the case. If your company hasn’t offered feedback to your colleagues, some might feel they want to know how they can improve, or it might be a way to help those who have dropped in productivity.

Training should be a regular and recognized as a normal aspect of working life.

At Elliott Training, we offer customer service training programs to provide excellent service for your company. If you would like to book onto a course such as an individual customer service workshop or find out more information, please fill out our contact form or call us on 01454 203 355.


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