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Who can benefit from Excel training?

Microsoft Excel gives people a platform to organise large amounts of data, so they can be viewed, interpreted and analysed easily.

Though it can be used in more technical jobs such as administration, in today’s world, even having a basic understanding of Excel will help you in most industries regardless of their size.

With this considered, who can benefit from Excel training?


Professional industries using Excel

Most companies won’t have to adopt an advanced Excel skills program. However, for those working in statistics, finance and most admin-based workplaces, a higher level of training can really help your business.

Here are several job roles which an in-depth knowledge of Excel can help you with:


  • Financial Analyst: Analysts must make important decisions and recommendations based on collated financial data. This will involve researching and analysing a broad range of data. Pivot tables and charts in Excel make analysing large amounts of information much easier to visualise.


  • Administration: For those in Administration, Excel allows you to schedule, organise and review documents. This provides a platform for workers to record and store general data in a safe and organised way.


  • Sales & Marketing: Recording data, trends and analysing the reason for the change is a vital part of a marketing role. Excel spreadsheets allow those in marketing to record information such as online visibility to the number of conversions, identifying issues or opportunities.


  • Small business owners – This allows store owners or employees to keep track of profits and stock levels in an organised manner. With more understanding of stock level, products will have great availability, which will lead to increased profits.


Excel isn’t only useful for spreadsheets. You have the option to choose from many different charts, tables and graphs to display information. This is especially vital in industries which have a high level of analysis, as it makes it easy to interpret for your clientele or users.


Excel training is for everyone

Though Excel may seem as though it is used in professional industries, this isn’t always the case. Excel allows the user of any level to organise data efficiently.

Training employees even the basic principles or quick formulas will allow them to become more efficient and organised. Regardless of what their job entitles, every employee will usually need to track, measure and analyse within their role.

Excel allows employees to improve their skills and increase efficiency, which will make them feel more confident in the work they do. This will improve their overall productivity and the quality of their work.

In everyday life, many people utilise Excel to calculate their regular expenditure, such as monthly bills, food shopping, and leisure costs.


Putting it into practice

Training should be implemented from the first day a new employee joins your business. However, Excel training is a process which should be regularly implemented so your employees continuously feel confident with the program.

As the program is regularly updated, understanding the new features may help employees within their work.

Building a good understanding of Excel will allow workers to record data in an efficient and organized way throughout their working career. You can read our post “5 Things you didn’t know about Excel” to find out more information.

If you want to learn more about Microsoft Excel, Elliott Training provides Excel Training Courses for all levels. We can help your business and your team bring these skills to life.

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