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What does customer service training involve?

Customer service training increases your customer loyalty and improves profits, so it comes as no surprise that more than ever companies are looking to have their employees trained in this specific area.

Customer Service Training Structure

Elliott Training focuses on five areas of improvement that we believe are the pillars to your customer’s happiness.

  • Handling customers’ expectations
  • Communicating effectively with customers and working on a culture of continual improvement
  • Customer relationship development
  • Upselling
  • Building and marketing your brand

Good customer service vs bad customer service training

Customer service training workshops differ based on a company’s size and needs, but the outcome of having a team with great customer service skills is the same for every single company.

The main outcomes of good customer service training are improved employee satisfaction and a better overall experience for the customer. Customer service training workshops empower employees to feel more confident in dealing with adversities in the workplace and as a result, the customer has their issues resolved in a confident and assured manner.

Bad customer service has tough consequences. A lot of business do not realise how damaging one isolated case of bad customer service can be, but according to Help Scout, 51% of customers, after having just 1 negative experience will never do business with that company again and 69% of customers will spend more with a company with good customer service.

People are also more likely to tell friends about bad customer service experiences and recommend them to not go with said company. Making sure your employees are able to deal with all situations that could potentially lead to some complication in the best way is crucial for your business success.

51% of customers, after having just 1 negative experience will never do business with that company again

Team benefits

It’s not just clients who benefit from customer service training. Your staff will also see improvements in their day-to-day.

They will be able to:

  • Build a better understanding of the clients need and accelerate resolution, therefore decreasing stressful situations.
  • Less fire-fighting and more productive time where they can accomplish more and work on their own goals
  • Increased job satisfaction as relatively junior team members see how their contribution can positively impact customer satisfaction scores and end line results


Elliott Training has experience with both big and small companies, we have delivered training in customer service to companies like Computershare, BAM PP and a variety of other companies. We feel confident we can help your business and your team to deliver the best customer service possible.

If you’d like to know more about our Customer Service training courses, please contact us through email, phone or contact form.

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