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Having customers who are loyal to your business and your brand is key to any successful business.

Customers’ expectations are continually increasing and therefore ‘GOOD’ Service just isn’t ‘GOOD’ enough!

Since the introduction of social media, it’s now extremely easy for customers to share their bad experiences with not just 100 people; it’s now likely to be millions.

Customers will remain loyal to businesses who understand their needs, make the customer experience effortless, take ownership when things go wrong and always seek ways to go above and beyond.

Turning employees into brand ambassadors requires a deep loyalty which is based on an emotional connection. We all know that it costs 5 times more to win a new customer than keep an existing one. But what if your existing customers were Brand Ambassadors, who proactively write great online reviews about your business and recommend your services to their friends and family; all of which is free marketing for your brand?

So, how do you turn your customers into Brand Ambassadors?

‘Turning Your Customers into Brand Ambassadors’ is a 3-step Customer Service programme, designed to help you build customer loyalty, increase customer satisfaction and attract more customers with the help of your Brand Ambassadors.  Download the PDF version here.

Step 1 – 1 Day:

The start of this programme focuses on coaching skills for team leaders and managers; placing them in a strong position to support their team members who will be going through Steps 2 and 3.

Training on its own will have a limited ability to help employees embed their new skills, as most of our daily actions are driven by our subconscious brain, where habits are formed. Habits cannot be changed in 1 day, when they may have been formed over many years.

Many studies have shown that training courses followed by coaching can see an increase in performance 4 times higher than employees who do not receive coaching support.

a manager training course

Therefore, it is crucial that after any training course, managers have the skills to confidently coach team members to agree next steps and support individuals through the weeks ahead when new behaviours are being embedded.

Step 2 – 1 or 2 days:

This step will enhance employee’s communication skills to be able to understand customers’ needs, build stronger rapport, take ownership, confidently handle difficult conversations and do what it takes to deliver a memorable and effortless service again and again.

This step can be delivered as a 1 day or 2-day course, dependent on your business needs and employee skill gaps

Step 3 – 1 Day

This will equip Customer Service Advisors with the skills to manage daily pressures and negative emotions effectively, so they do not have an adverse effect on service delivery.

Research has shown that individuals with a high Emotional Intelligence level, deliver a higher performance than those who find it difficult to manage everyday emotions. Negative emotions which are not effectively managed, negatively impact service delivery.

Our 3-step programme is ideally delivered over a three-month period, enabling employees to embed their new skills over a period of 3 – 4 weeks before they attend the next session. However, we will work with your business to agree the time frame which works best for you.


We also use Mentimeter.com during sessions in order to create an environment where everyone has an opportunity to participate and engage in discussions; particularly if individuals lack confidence within a group setting. Attendees use their mobiles to access questions and quizzes to provide anonymous responses, which then appear on screen for all to view and discuss. All response slides are then downloaded as a pdf and can be sent to attendees and managers after the session.

This approach has proved to be a very useful resource for senior managers to gain a good understanding of employee knowledge levels, as well as highlighting common themes across groups e.g. current challenges that may be affecting employee performance

Attendee feedback from sessions in which we have used Mentimeter has been fantastic, as everyone has felt engaged and included in all discussions. They have also liked the anonymity factor as they feel comfortable to provide honest responses.

The Programme

STEP 1 – Developing Your Coaching Skills

Session Outline

  • The principles and benefits of a coaching style of management.
  • The application of a coaching model to structure performance coaching conversations.
  • Develop the use of coaching tools to enhance performance discussions.
  • How to use coaching skills to increase motivation and help team members achieve their potential
  • Apply coaching skills to coach individuals with limiting/negative beliefs which impact behaviour and performance.
  • Ways to improve active listening skills and build greater understanding and trust.
  • How to deliver effective and constructive feedback.

a manager coaching her staff

STEP 2 – Delivering an Effortless Customer Service & Building Brand Loyalty

Session Outline:  A 2-day course will be required to include the full content below. If you choose a 1-day course, we will work with you to identify the key components needed to fill employee skill gaps.

  • Explore who your customers are
  • Assess why it’s important to understand the needs of your internal and external customers
  • Explore the 6 Key Components of a Customer – Focused Environment and analyse opportunities to move from Good to Great
  • The importance of effective teamwork, accountability and ownership (Tuckman Model)
  • The difference between customers’ wants and needs and working with your customers to manage expectations
  • Using effective questions to accurately identify customer needs with the aim of a first-time resolution.
  • Develop empathic listening skills, by recognising internal & external barriers & taking steps to overcome them.
  • Explore techniques, including the ‘LAST’ Model, to handle difficult customer conversations with confidence, empathy and a solutions-focused mind-set.
  • How to adapt your communication style and build stronger rapport with customers (Social Styles theory)
  • Create a positive and lasting impression which leaves your customers feeling valued.
  • Agree ways to maintain a positive, ongoing relationship with your customers which builds loyalty

STEP 3 – Emotional Intelligence

 Session Outline:

  • Develop your knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and explore the link between E.I. employee performance and service delivery.
  • Learn how thoughts and beliefs affect behaviour and actions in the workplace.
  • Change your perception – understanding the part ‘perception’ plays in determining our actions.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence vocabulary and understand the benefits
  • Develop your emotional self-awareness to understand your own emotional needs and the needs of others i.e. colleagues and customers
  • Identify emotional triggers and explore positive next steps to avoid a future reactive action
  • Explore techniques to manage emotions effectively, including the ‘Re-framing’ technique.

emotionally intelligent staff

Your Return on Investment

  • When your Customer Service employees and Team Leaders attend this programme and put the skills into practise within the workplace, your customers will experience an effortless and memorable service, with a focus on 1st time resolution.
  • Attracting more customers usually happens because of customer recommendations, so it makes sense to ensure those recommendations are positive. Your customers will love to be your Brand Ambassadors and tell their friends and family how fantastic your company is.
  • Investing in my 3-step programme will absolutely build customer loyalty, and attract new customers to your business
  • You will be working with a Trainer who has worked with many very satisfied clients across a range of industries and whose passion for great customer service is second to none.

If these are your key business objectives, put my expert customer service and training skills, developed over 30 years, to the test. Call us today, so we can discuss your specific needs.

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