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The most common misconceptions about Excel

Initially released in 1987, Excel quickly emerged as a staple of all office and professional environments to record and analyze data, trends and patterns. Often seen for solely business and financial purposes, to some Excel has a reputation of being difficult to perfect, or even old-fashioned.

Here are several of the most common misconceptions of Excel, and how you can become a master of spreadsheets.

“It’s difficult to learn”

Perhaps the biggest myth when it comes to Excel is that it’s hard to master with an endless amount of options and calculations. As a program, it is only as difficult as you make it.

The common fear of Excel stems from calculating large sums and equations, as the smallest numerical mistake can have been caused by human error. Like with anything, with practice this becomes easier and in no time, you’ll be making batch calculations before you know it.

Microsoft have a multitude of options which make the data entry quicker and more efficient. For example:

  • Remove Duplicates allows users to eliminate multiple corresponding data results.
  • Flash Fill was introduced, automatically picks up certain patterns in your data formatting and with just one click, it can autofill the rest of the columns.

However, if newer formats intimidate you, it is still possible to use it for basic spreadsheets.


“It’s all about numbers”

When most people think of Excel, they visualize spreadsheets and tables, but it can be far more than this.

Excel provides the tools to capture and display your information, which will make your data more attractive and easier to interpret than before. These include:

  • Forecasting allows you to project future outcomes from your previously inputted data
  • 3D data maps can help you discover new insights from your data organizing it into geographic spaces, capturing screenshots and creating engaging videos.

Excel can also be utilized in conjunction with other Microsoft Office programs such as embedding a chart on a Word document or PowerPoint slide, meaning that sharing information has never been easier.

“It’s slow and old-fashioned”

Microsoft Office is constantly being updated bringing new features to help your needs, making it easier to keep track of information anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the program is now faster and more reliable than ever before.

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All Office programs can be accessed online for no extra cost or subscription. This means your documents can be stored on a OneDrive account so that it is always available to you wherever you go.

Furthermore, the days of having to sit at your computer are over, with apps designed to allow you to access your work over your phone or tablet.

Microsoft Excel may have its share of detractors, but it easily allows you to provide data analysis and illustrations to make your content more engaging than ever before.

If you are looking to extend your knowledge in Microsoft Excel, Elliott Training offer excel training courses for beginners right through to advanced level. We can help your business and your team bring these skills to life.

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