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The benefits of presentation training for employees

Presentations are a crucial part of running a successful business. Having employees complete a presentation skills course will lead to better business practices and a better understanding of successful client communication within your workplace.

Your customers, clients and prospects will respond best to speakers who have great presentation skills. The information that is conveyed will stick with individuals if the speaker has given a strong and informative performance.

Everyone within your workspace can benefit from improving their presentation skills.

Professional benefits of presentation skills:

Having employees with good presentation skills will unlock many benefits within a business as well as your employee’s working life.

1.    Communication skills

Giving a successful presentation is essential when wanting to connect with others. Using strong communication tools will enable your employees to deepen relationships and gain more trust and understanding from other colleagues and clients.

team members chatting

Having personnel develop presentation skills will enable a confident delivery within all presentations. This will leave participants with an understanding of how to engage their audience, become more aware of body language, and build an individual presenting style.

2.   Positive reflection of your staff and your businesses image

Giving a memorable presentation will show expertise, reliability, and capability. This will reflect positively not only on your business but your employee’s professionalism.

It is clear when a public speaker knows how to deliver an effective presentation. If the presentation is incorrectly given, it can reflect negatively on your business as it displays a lack of expertise.

3.   Development opportunities

Giving employees the opportunity to enhance their presentation skills will enable them to gain self-confidence. It can also help them to develop a strong drive to deliver.

Giving effective presentations will help with confidence and capability. This will Ensure more opportunities for your business to grow and for all employees to develop skills which enable them to progress into other roles.

4.   Enhanced retention and morale

It is important for your staff to feel they are reaching their full potential and given further career opportunities. The ability to give good presentations improves many personal skills, effectively leaving employees to want to succeed and achieve.

5.   Team building

Although presentations are seen as an individuals task, having a group present is a fantastic way for your team to bond and work together.

Multiple employees completing presentation skills training will enable them all to develop the same skills. Creating trust, understanding between employees, and establishing a strong team for your business.

6.   Keeping presentation skill sets up to date!

For a business to run smoothly, progression and adaptability to the changes happening within the business world is necessary!

Employees learning new skills when presenting will not only advance all presentations given but can also increase sales and clients.

employee giving a successful presentation

Sticking to old fashion presenting styles may be harmful to your business as poor presentations will struggle to gain engaged clients.

7.   Improved business practice and client success

Employees completing a presentation skills training course will lead to definite client success as well as developing your business practice.

All participants will gain a stronger understanding of how to communicate effectively with all clients. This can result in the delivery of more efficient meetings and presentations… which can increase sales and business.

8.   Lessen miscommunication

Having a well-trained team in presentation skills will mean all information will be communicated correctly. This will also increase effectiveness and efficiency within the team and between employees and clients.  

Personal benefits of presentation training

It is important for your employees to feel they are given opportunities to grow – not only within their career, but as an individual. Offering your staff training will allow them to gain a lot of personal development, encouraging them to work harder.

In this particular type of training programme, confidence is a key trait that employees will develop. Providing a boost in self-confidence will not only mean your team feel more assured within public speaking, but in many other areas within working and personal life.

Your employees having that additional confidence boost means your business will benefit. Your staff will naturally build a stronger rapport with clients, as they find themselves at ease in all types of situations – personal happiness and well-being has a direct correlation with a smoothly run business.

Another personal benefit for your employees to gain from a presentation skills training course is stress reduction. Presentations and public speaking can seem scary to your employees. Going through the presentation skills training will allow your employees to feel comfortable in their abilities which will, as a result, reduce stress.

Investing and believing in your colleague’s growth is vital to having a successful business and strong team!

What skills are considered presentation skills?

Effective presentation skills begin with strong public speaking abilities, tone of voice, body language, creativity, and audience engagement.

Engaging the audience

The audience response is the key to indicating a strong presentation! Ensuring your employees understand their audience before giving a presentation will set them up for success.

an engaged audience

Determining who the members of the audience are, understanding what they want, and how to engage them will lead to positive feedback and satisfaction.

The goal is for the audience to leave feeling like they have gained knowledge. Completing a presentation training course will enable participants to understand how to successfully engage their audience

Tone of voice

When presenting, it is important for to have a convincing and appealing tone of voice. Having a voice that resonates with the audience will make anyone sound more confident, helping the listeners relax and engage further with the presentation.

Many variables effect the tone of voice, so ensuring your employees focus on the right aspects is important.

·      Articulation – ensuring pronunciation and articulation is executed clearly

·      Volume – gaging the correct volume, conveys energy and control

·      Pitch – natural pitch comes across as genuine

Body language         

Strong body language is important when wanting to convey a powerful presentation. Gesture, stance, and facial expressions are all focuses from the audience perspective. Positive body language will be enabling the listeners to connect and listen to what is being said.


Within working life, presentations are given constantly. It is important that your employees deliver something that is exciting and engaging to stand out!

A strong knowledge of how to create an effective presentation will mean the audience will feel inspired. Creativity plays a huge part in making your presentation engaging, leaving your listeners inspired.

There you have it!

Having your team complete a presentation skills training course has many benefits, from personal to professional. It is important to have your employees feeling confident and prepared when going into a presentation.

Many advantages for your business will come from your team effectively presenting. Trust will be built amongst staff and client, better professionals within your team, and overall, effectively demonstrate any points trying to be conveyed.

Sign up your team!

Here at Elliott Training, we want the best for your business and your team! With our short presentation skills course, your employees will develop confidence and capability when delivering presentations. We also run a Presentation Skills – Basic Awareness course for those just starting out.

Contact us now, and book in your team to develop all skills needed to deliver a successful presentation. 

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