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How to become a better leader in the work place

Becoming a better leader is always a difficult proposition – different people and industries will have a different definition of what being a better leader is.  For some it is about achieving results, for others, it is about staff management.  But there are tips on how to become a better leader that will work across any industry, against any measurement.

What makes someone a good leader?

There are some skills and tendencies that make people stand out as a good leader, regardless of what industry they are in.  By learning or developing these skills, you can enhance your own leadership abilities.

Top of the list is self-awareness.  A leader needs to be able to identify their own strengths, weaknesses, style, and personality. By being self-aware a leader can reflect on the impact their actions have on others and identify what action to take to get the desired result from the people around them.

A good leader has a system for recognition and encouragement of staff where they expect the best and support those who are having problems.  It means having a clear vision and setting a good example as well as building excellent communication skills.

What makes someone a bad leader?

Sadly, many of us will have examples of bad leaders we have worked with and clear examples of what made them end up in this category.  They often display the opposite traits of the good leader – poor listening and communication skills, secretive and indecisive, lacking in empathy and quick to blame staff when things go wrong.

Another classic of the bad leader is the use of anger and a bad temper. No-one responds well to being shouted at, treated as if they weren’t competent or that only the leader is able to do things ‘right’ because they are the only person who is capable.

Becoming a better leader

Whether you have good leadership skills or have allowed some bad ones to slip into your approach, there are always steps to take to improve things.  It is crucial to recognise what is working, what you are good at but also what isn’t working and what isn’t your strength.

Even as a good leader, it is important to keep changing and working on your approach.  What works well today might not work so well in six months when the workplace or staff in it change.  The best leaders are adaptable, changing their approach as needed and are keen to learn and develop.

And if you realise you aren’t a good leader or have some bad habits, then that is the first step to putting things right and finding a new approach that will have a better effect. Don’t be afraid to admit what’s wrong and look to see what can be done to change things.

Get the right help

For leaders in any industry and at any level, the key is to get the right training and help to become a better leader.  Elliott Training has an extensive range of leadership training courses designed to help everyone from first line managers through to senior management improve their skills and become better leaders. We can help you and your business bring these skills to life. Want to book spaces on our different courses or find out what’s on offer? Fill out a contact form or call us on 01454 203 355.

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