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How important is training in Microsoft Office?

How important is training in Microsoft Office?

Whether you are considering training for yourself to advance your skillset or for your employees, one popular area is training in Microsoft Office. This popular suite of products has been the industry standard for word processing and spreadsheets for many years and it is very possible to learn the basics yourself. But how important is it to get full training on Office?

Microsoft Office is an industry standard

If you know how to use Office, not only are you up to the industry standard but you will be able to quickly adapt to other types of office software. For example, Google’s Word, Sheets and other office applications all work in much the same way as Microsoft Office. Therefore by having training on it, you have a foundation that can be applied to any industry. For many jobs, it will be a required minimum – so having training to prove your competency can put you above other applicants.

Ease of communication and collaboration

From a business viewpoint, it pays to have your staff formally trained in Microsoft Office. Everyone can then easily collaborate together on the different software and use its features such as Outlook and SharePoint to communicate with other employees. This can reduce errors, speed up productivity and ensure staff feel confident in what they are doing.

User-friendly options

Combine the natural user-friendliness of Microsoft Office with the right training and you can maximise the productivity of your employees. Software that is easy to use and that they are well trained with can make sure they don’t have to spend time figuring out how to do things or being stuck with software problems. Tasks that can take longer to do with other types of software are also quicker once you are trained with MS Office.

Work flexibility

As workplaces are changing and flexible working is becoming more common, the ability to work in different places is important. With Microsoft Office, you can remotely access the software so that employees can work from home or other locations and get their tasks done. This also allows collaboration between teams that are based in different locations, even in different countries.

Professional software

Microsoft Office remains the top professional software for a range of tasks from word processing to accounts and creating presentations. Having the right training in it can boost your career, improve productivity among staff and also allow them to work flexibly. That’s why it is a worthwhile investment either personally or for your staff and one that pays for itself over the longer term.

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