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Customer Service Training for Managers

Managers play a big part in every business, particularly when it comes to understanding customer needs. Employees and managers need customer service training, so they can gain more confidence when engaging with consumers.

But how does customer service training for managers help a business?

Let’s start by looking at what customer service training involves and why managers should receive it.

What is customer service training?

Customer service training allows anyone working in customer facing or customer support roles to develop their skills and behaviours.

Training courses are tailored to improve levels of service within a business. This allows the customer to be treated as an individual with unique needs. Customer service training makes it possible to deliver high quality service and drive footfall to your business.

In particular, customer service training looks at:

  • Managing customer expectations to build a sense of trust towards the company.
  • Communicating with customers in a way which leaves them feeling satisfied with the service delivered.
  • Building confidence in workers to develop customer relationships, making conversations feel more natural and unique for each customer.
  • Taking initiative by recognizing further opportunities to sell other products or services.

Why managers need customer service training

Customer service training is valuable to all employees in a customer facing role. It is particularly useful for managers as it can help them develop their managerial confidence. They can then develop skills such as handling customer expectations and learning the appropriate language and behavior.

Customer service training can instill confidence as it allows them to fully understand how to handle difficult situations. Efficient customer service training can increase productivity and motivation which will show through their interactions with customers. It can also inspire managers be more innovative with their approach to the business.

In recent years, it has been found that two-thirds of U.K. workers are currently satisfied in their jobs and 13 per cent say they are ‘extremely satisfied.’ Creating a working environment with high job satisfaction will show through managers and employees’ interactions with customers.

Once a manager has attended a training session they can then impart the knowledge learned through the training with their other employees.

Whether it’s the initial training, or just a refresher, customer service workshops can be beneficial to all employees in a workplace involving customer service.


How can customer service training help your business grow

Excellent customer service can enhance the reputation of a business, because the company will be working towards becoming a customer focused organization. A recent study found that customers that continue to support your brand over time will spend up to 67% more than new customers.

We know that great customer service is more likely to create loyalty from the consumer but also that people are more likely to recommend a service to their friends if they liked the interactions and felt understood, so not only will you be making sure you’re creating loyalties with existent customers you will also be planting the seed for prospective customers.


Learning and developing skills

Developing the skill set of workers within businesses is vital for the overall growth of the business, and this can only be achieved through training. Regardless of level, all workers will benefit from learning how to deliver excellent customer service.

Elliott Training have been helping businesses with Customer Service Training  programs for over 20 years. We use our knowledge and experience to help your business grow through different courses such as Microsoft Excel, Office 365, Sharepoint and much more.

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