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Workshop Duration

1 day


Delegates must have attended an Excel Introductory course, or have an equivalent working knowledge of Excel.

Who will the course benefit?

Users of Excel who wish to develop their skills in this application.

Course Content


  • Short overview of introductory topics e.g. formulas/functions, formatting


  • Overview of creating Charts
  • Embedding Charts within spreadsheets Predefined Chart Layouts and Chart Styles Formatting charts e.g. adding titles, legends Redefining the Source Data
  • “Sparklines”


  • The concept and use of outlining
  • Using automatic and manual methods to produce an outlined spreadsheet
  • Collapsing and expanding outlines
  • Selecting “visible” cells for charting purposes

Group Edit

  • Using Group Edit for entering data into several sheets
  • Using Fill, Across Worksheets
  • Creating dynamic links to data

Conditional Formatting

To discover patterns and highlight trends in your data

Logic Functions

  • Understand logical functions IF, OR, and AND functions
  • Using NESTED IF Functions IFERROR

Database Management

  • Creating a spreadsheet database Sorting the database via key fields Finding and Extracting data
  • Using the Form feature
  • AutoFilter
  • Multi-select Autofilter
  • Filter by Colour and quick filters


  • Using SUMIF/COUNTIF Using

Database Statistical Functions

  • Producing statistics based on criteria
  • Creating Subtotals (SUBTOTAL)

Pivot Tables

  • Building and using pivot tables and pivot charts Creating SUMS, AVERAGES, % of
  • Total Group Data and Dates Formatting the Pivot Table

Using the slicer

Skills gained

On successful completion of the course, delegates will be able to produce effective graphs, use named ranges within calculations, produce drawing objects e.g. lines, text boxes, understand logical functions and use Excel as a database facility.

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