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Workshop Duration

1 day


Effective Communication is ensuring the content of the message that is to be delivered is received and understood by all concerned. It is a great temptation to believe that because the message makes sense to yourself that it will be clear to everyone else. This introductory course provides tools, techniques and practices for all those who need to make significant improvements in their communication skills.

Course Objectives

By the end of the session the delegates will be able to:-

  • To improve the quality of communication in a wide variety of situations across all levels of a business

Skills Gained

This course will enable delegates to:

  • Understand different communication styles.
  • Structure their own communication for maximum effect.
  • Create rapport with people to remove communication barriers.
  • Feel confident when getting their message across.
  • Create the right impression within meetings through the use of powerful statements.
  • Deal with their own difficult people.


The course times are indicative only and may need to be adapted to meet delegates learning needs and include fruitful discussions. Each member of the group will be sent two red SDI booklets, which will need to handed to two different people from whom they would appreciate feedback. The completed booklets need to be returned to each delegate in a sealed envelope before the training begins.

Course Introduction

  • General administration and introduction to learning opportunities
  • Trainer to introduce the course objectives.
  • Delegate introductions to identify personal objectives

Strength Deployment Inventory

The S.D.I questionnaire gives delegates an understanding of their own motivators and drivers for their behaviours when things are going well and also when they are in conflict.

It also allows them to explore the different motivators and drivers they might expect from the seven different S.D.I styles and identify the behaviours that support clear communication paths and those to avoid.

Communicating Effectively with Different Motivational Value Systems

Delegates are grouped according to their Motivational Value Systems, to allow them to produce a checklist of the behaviours and attitudes that appeal to and irritate them the most. The findings are related back to the first session of the day. Delegates are invited to “quiz” the different styles that they find most difficult to work with.

Coaching Session

The areas covered will vary from person to person, but each person will be taken through the Meta-mirror technique (outlined below) as a way of dealing with conflict.

Handling Conflict

The meta-mirror is an NLP technique developed by Robert Dilts which will allow each delegate to explore a difficult relationship that they would like to change. It allows you to experience the situation from three different perspectives; your own, that of the other person and finally as an external observer.

This allows a new approach to be taken in what can appear to be “stuck” or difficult relationships.

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