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About This Course

Habits, working environments, attitudes and beliefs are barriers to developing great communication skills. What we believe about our customers, influences how we behave towards them and in turn, how customers respond.

Training Customer Service staff on communication skills alone, will not achieve the results that companies strive for. Without equipping staff with the skills and techniques to manage everyday emotions, face work challenges proactively and change negative thoughts and beliefs to positive ones, it is unlikely that customers will be receiving the service they deserve.

The content of the course will be tailored to meet your requirements.

At the end of the course, all attendees will complete a specific action plan.

Course Objectives

Emotional Intelligence

• Develop your knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and explore the link between EI and performance
• Changing your perception – understanding the part ‘perception’ plays in determining our actions
• Be proactive – identify emotional triggers and explore positive next steps to avoid a future reactive action.
• Review techniques to manage emotions effectively, including re-framing technique.

Communication Skills – key skills to deliver great customer service

• Create a positive first impression – The use of positive and welcoming language which customers want to hear.
• Using effective questions at the right time to accurately identify the customer’s needs and enhance call control.
• Develop your listening skills by recognising internal and external barriers and identifying how to overcome them
• Explore techniques to handle difficult conversations.
• How to demonstrate empathy and show customers that you genuinely care.
• The use of language to create trust and understanding with customers.
• How to build and maintain rapport with customers by understanding blocks to rapport and adapting your communication style.
• Create a positive last impression which leaves your customers feeling valued.

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