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Workshop Duration

2 days (we can reduce content and run as 1 day if preferred)

Course Content


  • What Storyline does
  • How Articulate Storyline differs from Articulate Studio
  • Supporting applications
  • A tour of the interface and views

Starting work

  • Creating a new project
  • Understanding the file types involved in Storyline
  • Setting or changing the project size


  • Creating slides
  • Working with slides in the Story View
  • Organising slides into scenes
  • Previewing slides
  • Slide properties
  • Slide animation
  • Slide formatting

Working with slide content

  • Introduction to accessible slide content
  • Adding simple slide objects
  • Arranging and resizing slide objects
  • Formatting slide objects
  • Timing and the Timeline
  • Animating slide objects

Basic slide content

  • Pictures and screenshots
  • Shapes and captions
  • Symbols and hyperlinks
  • Photographic and illustrated Characters

Advanced slide content

  • Web Objects, Scrolling panels
  • Lightboxes, Flash animations
  • Zoom regions, Markers

Themes, slide masters and layouts

  • Themes, Slide Masters and Layouts


  • Working on the script
  • Choosing and calibrating a microphone
  • Recording and editing audio, Importing audio
  • Synchronising audio with objects


  • Adding video
  • Editing video

Adding Interaction

  • The Trigger panel and Trigger Wizard
  • Types of trigger
  • Types of events
  • Adding triggers
  • Buttons
  • Hotspots

Alternative slide content

  • States
  • Triggering States
  • Layers
  • Triggering Slide Layers

Reusing content

  • Creating and using templates
  • Importing PowerPoint slides
  • Storyline support for PowerPoint features

Recording a software simulation

  • Preparing to record
  • Setting the recording area size
  • Recording options and modes
  • Recording
  • What gets added during the recording process?
  • Mouse paths
  • Recording re-use


  • Creating a quiz, Graded question slides
  • Result Slides, Freeform question slides
  • Randomise questions with a Question Bank
  • The Feedback master

The Storyline Player

  • Customising the Storyline Player
  • Importing and exporting custom players


  • Output for HTML5 and Mobile devices
  • Output for an LMS
  • Reporting and Tracking
  • Other outputs

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