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The Art of Personal Sales Leadership

Workshop Duration 1 day Overview Making effective use of time has always been key to excellent performance. However, in the digital age, there just isn’t “enough” time, and traditional time-management models, based around prioritization and relative urgency just don’t work anymore. And in the world of sales, where every second counts, you HAVE to have … Continued

Sales Overview Workshop Programme

Overview Workshop 1 = Sales Induction Workshop 2 = Fundamental Selling Skills Workshop 3 = Consultative Selling Workshop 4 = Account Management Course Objectives A tiered development programme aimed to develop selling skills, knowledge & behaviours of sales people at all levels. Delegates will have the opportunity to; learn new skills, share best practice hints … Continued

Performance Managing a Sales team

Workshop Duration 2 days Overview This course provides clear direction on how to lead your sales team to achieve success through tried and tested techniques and methodologies, which will ensure optimum sales performance. Who will the course benefit? Anyone who is responsible for managing, motivating and maintaining the sales performance of their team members. Course … Continued

Prospecting and Pitching for Business

Workshop Duration 1 day overview but really needs to be 2 Overview This course is designed to help sales people to plan and prepare their approach to prospecting by looking at ways to research their territory and build up a sales pipeline of potential business. It also looks at how to make meetings successfully over … Continued

Effective Sales Communication Skills

By the end of the course participants will be able to understand the sales success formula finding the key elements for successful sales effort.