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Effective Business English

Duration: A 1-day course that explores the minute taker’s role in more detail. Overview: This course is a comprehensive introduction to the essentials of written English that will help improve the impact of all business documents you produce.  The ability to write clearly and concisely is indispensable at work: it makes for more efficient and … Continued

Letter and Email Writing

Duration: A 1 day course that explores the minute taker’s role in more detail. Overview: The course covers the knowledge and skills required to write effective letters and e-mails for your organisation Audience: Anyone who needs to write letter and e-mails on behalf of their company Course Outline: Establish the aim Devise the structure Adhere … Continued

Grammar Skills

Duration: 1 day How this course can benefit you: Organisations and individuals establish their credibility with professional and well written correspondence. From basic grammar to tone and style, business-writing skills are essential for individuals at every level in today’s communication driven organisations. Course Objective: This course is designed for everyone who is looking to save … Continued

Fabulous Feedback

This course will enable participants to develop the competence and confidence that will enable them to deliver fabulous feedback, no matter what the situation

Career Planning Masterclass

With more and more demands being made on the time of employees this course will enable you to gain control of your working life it will also help you to identify your own skills in relation to your job role. 

Appraisal Skills

Any managers with limited experience of managing people and/or conducting performance reviews.   Potentially all Managers could benefit from the workshop which would ensure a consistently high standard of review at that level.


This workshop aims to boost your confidence and give you practical tools for communicating more effectively. To increase awareness of the choices you have and to develop the skills of being assertive when appropriate.

Business Case Writing

The purpose of this workshop is to develop a detailed understanding of this critical document.

Professional Report Writing

Workshop Duration 1 Day Overview The value of reports as management tools The types of reports The secrets of success The five-stage approach to effective report writing: Clarifying the objectives Researching Planning Writing Editing and proofreading Course Content Getting the objectives clear Working with stakeholders to clarify needs and objectives Writing a statement of objectives Using … Continued

Working Smarter Not Harder

Workshop Duration 1 Day Overview This one day course can be adapted to suit the needs of the participants. These needs can be established by sending out a questionnaire.  This course covers areas to include:- Time management Communication Skills Working Styles Course Content Do you feel that sometimes you are just reacting to who is … Continued