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Management Programme for New and Existing Managers

Workshop duration Initial 3 day programme Additional 1 day session Overview Many managers evolve into positions through technical experience, length of service and product knowledge without having the privilege of any formal leadership and management training.  This range of training programmes will enable the team to develop their management knowledge and ensure that the company … Continued

Mentoring and Coaching Programme

Workshop duration 1 day Overview Mentoring is a unique skill that requires many different attributes that ensures it stands apart from coaching and managing performance.  There is a risk that this distance mentoring can touch into both coaching and performance management, and therefore we need make sure that the objectives and content of the workshop … Continued

Management and Leadership Skills – The Effective Manager

Overview – Course Content Introductions Role of the Manager The responsibilities and challenges of management What makes a good manager? – reasons for success and failure Best practice checklist for management as a support function Foundations of Management Different management styles and their impact on people Knowing when to use which style Management and Action … Continued

Leading The Consultative Revolution

Workshop duration 2 days Overview The aim of the programme is to introduce the leadership team to both the values and behaviours required to effectively manage in a consultative sales environment.  Understanding both excellent behaviours and how to achieve that within a team and employee engagement, knowing what factors positively influence this.  The underlying theme … Continued

Leading and Developing High Performing Teams

Workshop duration 2 days Overview Companies are increasingly focusing on teams to increase their competitive advantage by improving productivity, enhancing creativity, increasing response times, and improving decision making. Leading and developing high performing teams will result in more effective management of complex projects, quicker responses to rapidly changing environments, greater levels of performance and motivation, … Continued

Understanding How to Build a High Performance Team

Workshop duration 2 days Course Overview: Optimising Employee Involvement to Drive Results! Some leaders tell us their stories of sleepless nights, gut- wrenching confrontation and workplace negativity; they confide how it wears them down.  Most managers spend over half their time working with a team.  This programme explains the four key stages on how to … Continued

Stakeholder Management & Influencing Skills

Workshop duration 1 day Overview Most organisations have complex systems of internal & external stakeholders.  Managing those relationships in a collaborative and productive way is a key skill for leaders.  The course takes a look at WHO they are, HOW you are managing them, WHEN you refresh your approach.  This programme will be real time … Continued

Senior Executive Team Leadership and Management

Workshop duration 2 days Overview Every organisation can find itself on a journey where the interpretation of where it is going and how employees will know if you got there can be cloudy and down to direct line manager interpretation. This two-day programme will afford you with the opportunity to challenge vision, mission and structure … Continued

SDI Session for T-Systems Sales Area

Workshop Duration 1 day Overview The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) can be a hugely beneficial tool for the sales part of any business.  It provides insight that enables sales to be increased through:- Developing an enhanced ability to ‘read’ clients quickly and effectively, and to understand the approach and type of information that any client … Continued