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Customer Service & Emotional Intelligence Skills

Duration 1 Day About This Course Habits, working environments, attitudes and beliefs are barriers to developing great communication skills. What we believe about our customers, influences how we behave towards them and in turn, how customers respond. Training Customer Service staff on communication skills alone, will not achieve the results that companies strive for. Without … Continued

Confident Customer Service

Duration 1 day workshop – 09:30 till 17:00 About This Course In this competitive economy, it is essential that you attract and keep clients. Customer service is a critical part of this process. Whether you are handling customers face to face or over the phone it is essential that you master the skills to keep the … Continued

Customer Service Training

Dissatisfaction and frustration stem from a number of causes many of which cannot be resolved by customer services alone and the cause can be summarised as deficiencies in providing the right products and services at the right quality at the right time.

Real Conversations

Workshop Duration 1 day Overview Proactive Communication; an underpinning leadership skill, which affects all other responsibilities.   Authentic, outcome focused conversations with peers, direct reports, stakeholders and bosses.  Whether the conversations are positive or over-coming conflicts, there are key skills to master.  This is a theory & practical programme, with time to practise & gain feedback. … Continued

Handling Challenging Conversations Effectively

Workshop Duration 1 day Overview Broaching difficult subjects with others is often a daunting prospect for many. People sometimes avoid conflict situations where they need to deliver bad news or where they fear that there will be an adverse reaction to an assertive or critical message. Yet few things are as impressive as the ability … Continued

Effective Communication

This introductory course provides tools, techniques and practices for all those who need to make significant improvements in their communication skills.

Courageous Conversations

 This course provides the tools to enable delegates to deliver clear messages and ensure that good relationships are maintained and strengthened.

Customer Care

Recognize the importance of delivering excellent customer service so that you can help to build, maintain, and increase your organisation’s customer base. 

Call Handling Essentials

People at all levels need to understand how communication works from the customer’s perspective and to get an understanding of the best way to approach individual customers over the phone.