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Embracing Change Taster Workshop

Course Duration 1.5 Hours Purpose of the workshop Change is inevitable but if it introduced without thought it can negatively impact an organisation and the people involved. We can’t always control how change is introduced but we can control how we behave and adapt to changes in our environment.  When we feel like we are … Continued

Energiser/Wellbeing (1 hour)

Energiser and Wellbeing Course   Aims Focus on work life balance and improving energy levels Objectives During the course delegates will: • Stop, evaluate their energy levels and energy routines • Consider physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing • Identify basic personal strategies and own achievable goals to improve energy in work and life Content … Continued

England Netball

  Customer service – During this session, we show a short video about the impact poor customer service can have on a business, we then watch a second short video about how to turn your task mentality into a customer-centric mentality.  Personality types and preferred communication styles will be explored via a handout and discussion … Continued

Negotiation Taster Workshop

Course Duration: 1.5 Hours Purpose of the workshop: We negotiate with people on a daily basis, probably without even realising it. Your workplace – pay rises, workload, who’s going to do what by when, getting a good price from a supplier, selling to your customers. Your children – pocket money, meal choices, clothing options, or … Continued