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Why You Need Excel Training In Your Company?

Microsoft Excel remains one of the leading spreadsheet software options available with businesses of all kinds around the world using it.  While many of the features are relatively easy to use, to get the most from Excel, it is often best to get training.  But why would you need to have training in Excel for … Continued

The Most Useful Shortcuts In Microsoft Excel

There are lots of reasons to use Microsoft Excel for your business.  Being an industry leader filled with high-quality features, part of a great package of software and integrating with many other software solutions are just a few.  But when it comes to using Excel, one of the best parts about it are the shortcuts. … Continued

An In-Depth Look At Our Excel Courses

There are many different spreadsheet software options available but one of the oldest and definitely the most widely used is Microsoft Excel.  Used by businesses around the world, it allows the effortless collection of data, creating charts and helping people run their business more efficiently.  Having the right skills with Excel can be a key … Continued

6 Excel formulas you should know

If there’s one thing you need to know to get the most out of Excel, it’s formulas. These are commands that tell the software to do a huge range of different things and can make significant time and efficiency savings once you master them. Index Match Index Match can be used as an alternative to … Continued

The Most Useful Excel Tricks for Beginners

Microsoft Excel can seem complicated. There are all these functions and formulas, boxes and options and when you just want to make a simple business account spreadsheet, it can seem like too much. The key is to focus on the most useful Excel tricks for beginners and master them to feel more at home on … Continued

How to properly analyse Microsoft Excel data

Excel is the most popular spreadsheet software available and is part of the Microsoft Office package.  It is ideally used to store a range of data and to easily analyse it and pull out relevant information.  One of the key skills to learn when using Excel is how to properly analyse this data to get … Continued

How can Microsoft Excel save your business time?

Excel is the leading spreadsheet software option for businesses around the globe and is a key part of Microsoft’s impressive family of client software, server software and services known as Microsoft Office. For businesses, Excel has cemented its position as the go-to software for many different jobs ranging from the intricacies of using formulas and … Continued

Who can benefit from Excel training?

Microsoft Excel gives people a platform to organise large amounts of data, so they can be viewed, interpreted and analysed easily. Though it can be used in more technical jobs such as administration, in today’s world, even having a basic understanding of Excel will help you in most industries regardless of their size. With this … Continued

5 Things you didn’t know about Excel

Microsoft Excel is a crucial tool for a lot of people, helping them with calculations or working with large amounts of data. But have you ever wondered if there are any secret features to Microsoft Excel? From adding shortcuts to quicken ways to process large amounts of data, here are 5 things you didn’t know … Continued

The most common misconceptions about Excel

Initially released in 1987, Excel quickly emerged as a staple of all office and professional environments to record and analyze data, trends and patterns. Often seen for solely business and financial purposes, to some Excel has a reputation of being difficult to perfect, or even old-fashioned. Here are several of the most common misconceptions of … Continued