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6 Customer Service Tips to Build Stronger B2B Relationships

If you are in a business to business or B2B industry, it may seem that customer service isn’t as important.  After all, your customers are in business too, they get it.  But this isn’t the case.  Just as B2C customers have high expectations of customer service, B2B customers also require a certain standard.  By achieving … Continued

Customer Service Skills that Every Employee Should Have

Customer service is at the heart of almost every type of business. Whether you are a shop selling products, a services business or even an online business, dealing with customers is a key part of the job. That means you need to ensure your staff have the skills required to do the job, regardless of … Continued

How to Deal with Difficult Customers on the Phone

Dealing with an unhappy customer is difficult in any situation but when you are on the phone, it can be even harder. There’s no body language to help you understand what’s really going on and it can be challenging to diffuse the situation. That’s why training on how to handle those tricky phone conversations is … Continued

How customer service training can help your small business

No matter what the size of your business, customer service training will help your employees to be strong ambassadors of your brand. It’s vital that all your staff know how to build relationships with customers, answer queries succinctly and handle complaints appropriately. For the smaller business especially, it’s more important than ever to provide a … Continued

Customer Service Training for Managers

Managers play a big part in every business, particularly when it comes to understanding customer needs. Employees and managers need customer service training, so they can gain more confidence when engaging with consumers. But how does customer service training for managers help a business? Let’s start by looking at what customer service training involves and … Continued

Who needs customer service training?

In an establishment based around customer service, it is vital that all employees undergo a basic level of training to enhance their knowledge of the job and role within that company. Improving your customer relationships is an essential way of developing a business which has a strong retention of consumers and is perceived to be … Continued

How to implement a customer service training program

Implementing a new customer service program is a difficult thing. In a competitive market, it is vital to have a clear understanding of your businesses’ motives and that the consumer recognizes that they are at the heart of every step of the decision process to make that their customer experience as streamlined as possible. Customers … Continued

What does customer service training involve?

Customer service training increases your customer loyalty and improves profits, so it comes as no surprise that more than ever companies are looking to have their employees trained in this specific area. Customer Service Training Structure Elliott Training focuses on five areas of improvement that we believe are the pillars to your customer’s happiness. Handling … Continued