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Elliott Training solve the problem for UNILEVER using a database solution

Unilever are one of the largest food businesses, who create and market food enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Employees and employers have to work together and take responsibility for a safe and healthy workplace which involves monitoring of all types of training to ensure a productive working environment.

Every day courses are carried out on Food Hygiene, Health and Safety, Induction, and all this information is currently recorded using numerous Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It was highlighted that data input was lengthy, extracting the right reports was difficult, and due to the complexity and integrity of this data it was identified that the internal system needed to be improved. They turned to Elliott Training for a solution.


Our brief was to produce an automated user-friendly system that significantly reduced the number of man-hours required to input data, as well as providing checks to ensure the accuracy of the data and produce more comprehensive reports. The most efficient tool that would achieve all their objectives was determined to be Microsoft Access.

Through detailed analysis of the existing systems a database was created allowing the users easy access to inputting and retrieving data. Focus was placed on the automation of processes to ensure all Production Managers were confident in adding records and retrieving exactly the information they required at any time of the day or night.

Sarah Elliott, Director of Elliott Training – “Unilever were using Excel to record all training records for critical training. The sheets were lengthy, the calculations were complex and there were certainly more reports that could be pulled off. This was an exciting project for us and a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the flexibility and capabilities of Access.”

Brian Wilkins, Unilever – “Transferring the information onto an automated database has met all our objectives and being able to extract what we want when we want is a god send – we have never looked back!”

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