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HSBC took on the challenge of upgrading over 1000 staff from Office 97 to 2007

Each member of staff were requested to attend various day courses to familiarise
themselves with the significantly new interface and features of Excel, Word and
PowerPoint 2007. Elliott Training was pleased to be asked to submit a proposal.


Elliott Training worked with HSBC early on to establish the best method both of
establishing awareness of the new features, and the new interface and tools
Microsoft Office has to offer. The healthy relationship between the Project Manager
and the Training Manager, Sarah Elliott throughout the project meant that any
potential issues were dealt with quickly and professionally.

We offered an array of training and consultancy services and discussed what would
work best both for the project and the culture of the company. This consisted of a
series of classroom training sessions for their project members, super users and the
senior executives within the business followed up with a series of overview
seminars for the rest of the business.


HSBC ensured that attendance levels were exceptionally high, and the smooth
running of the software upgrade project itself ensured a positive attitude from
delegates, making the training courses a pleasure to run for the team of Elliott
Training trainers – Sarah, Greg, and Sandy

Jonathan Kersey, Development Manager gives his assessment of Elliott Training’s

The feedback was outstanding. 93% of delegates rated the training very good or
excellent. The staff felt that they are prepared for the future and more positive
about it, as far as their skills go. We also tested our staff’s knowledge levels before
and after to verify the knowledge transfer.

Elliott Training’s Training Manager works very hard to ensure that the team of
trainers provide a consistently high quality. Having actually tested many companies by having them provide training, which I attended, I can vouch for the quality of their work.

If you are looking for a company that wants to provide a high level of training and
work together to ensure that the training fits your own company’s needs, then Elliott Training is the right partner for you. They are a very professional organisation.