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FIRST select Elliott Training Ltd to coach all personnel to use a Bespoke System – CYBORG

FIRST were tasked with improving and streamlining the financial aspects of the Rail and Bus divisions throughout the country. The project involved the design and implementation of a Cyborg bespoke system and training of all personnel to effectively use the program. This was a national assignment and would directly affect all personnel based in HR and Finance. They turned to Elliott Training for the Solution.


To begin development of this project four personnel within Elliott Training were briefed and tasked with this assignment. It was estimated that the duration of the task from the initial learning stage to full implementation and training would be approximately six months.

Not only were we responsible for training all appropriate personnel but we were required to completely understand the package and produce all relevant documentation. This involved intensive training on Cyborg and the Bespoke “FIRST” Package.

Jenny Mills, Director of Elliott Training Ltd – “Elliott Training Ltd were tasked with learning not only how First operate, but also how First would benefit from implementing a completely new package. This was a challenging project for us involving numerous personnel over a long period of time – the results were spectacular and very rewarding.”

Ruth Gilchrist, First – “This was a highly technical and demanding project for any company. Elliott Training performed to their maximum and with their infectious enthusiasm they presented enjoyable and, informative training sessions – we would not hesitate to use and recommend Elliott Training in the future”.