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Elliott Training was chosen to assist BAM PPP with creating an internal team building course

BAM PPP manages all phases of Public Private Partnership projects, from design, construction, and financing through to operations and maintenance to provide our public sector customers with a first class service.

Within BAM PPP there are 12 Project Managers who are involved in large public sector construction projects, for example, schools, hospitals. As each project commences BAM PPP form a project team which can consist of people from differing specialist backgrounds – a project manager, legal personnel, educational/ health specialists, building contractors, architects, and accountants – it is the project that determines what people are involved.

The key to the success of these projects depends on the professionals working together as a team. In the past, at the beginning of each project,
BAM PPP has brought in external consultants to deliver a 2 or 3-day team building course. This has proved both expensive and very time-consuming in preparation and delivery.


Elliott Training provided a solution which was both cost-effective and time-efficient by utilising internal resources. The idea was to create an internal
team building course which was to be delivered by the Project Manager prior to the commencement of the project.

This project was ideal for our Business Skills consultant, John, who developed and delivered a 2-day Facilitation course for the 12 Project Managers. It concentrated on identifying how they could deliver the team building course, by incorporating a series of interactive role-play sessions, therefore providing them with the skills to bring the team together and lead right from the start.


Increase the skills in-house and a significant reduction in costs of external consultants.