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An In-Depth Look At Our Excel Courses

There are many different spreadsheet software options available but one of the oldest and definitely the most widely used is Microsoft Excel.  Used by businesses around the world, it allows the effortless collection of data, creating charts and helping people run their business more efficiently.  Having the right skills with Excel can be a key part of an employee’s role and that’s why Elliott Training & Consultancy offer a top quality Excel training course.

Excel training

Our Excel training courses have been offered around the UK for the last 25 years and have constantly evolved as the software has.  We have training centres in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Reading as well as the option to visit your company offices and hold the training there.

Our training comes in four levels to suit the needs of your staff and their existing experience and knowledge.


Our beginner’s Excel training is a 1-day training that is perfect for first-time users or those who know they need to use Excel in their role.  It provides an in-depth introduction to the features of Excel including how to build and work with spreadsheets.

It also learns many of the most common features of the software such as AutoFill and Formulae and Functions.  Delegates will learn how to format a worksheet and the basics of charts.  Delegates need to have attended a Windows Introductory course or have a good basic knowledge of how to use Windows in order to take the course.


The intermediate level course is a 1-day training that is aimed at people using Excel who want to develop their skills further and use more functions as well as the database facilities within Excel.  It is important to have completed the Introduction course or have a good working knowledge of the software before taking it.

The course includes areas such as charting, outlining and group editing as well as conditional formatting and database management.


Our advanced Excel training is a 1-day course that is designed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of Excel as well as building on existing skills.  Delegates need to have the previous two courses or a similar level of knowledge to take this training.

The topics include areas such as advanced functions, lookup functions, file linking and macros as well as protection and consolidation techniques.


The highest level of training is the Expert level which builds on the topics in the earlier training to ensure a comprehensive knowledge of Excel and all of its features.  It includes everything from date and time functions to creating scenarios and linking to external workbooks.  Delegates will leave with the ability to use advanced techniques to analyse data as well as use the many functions confidently.

Microsoft Certified

We are Microsoft Certified in the training that we conduct.  All courses include hands-on practice and the ability to test what delegates are learning.  Each delegate will also receive a Certified Certificate at the end.  As well as the 1-day courses, we can also offer half day sessions, surgery groups and even bite-sized sessions to help employees learn specifics of Excel.

For more information about our courses, you can speak to us on 01454 203355 or use our contact form and we will get back to you.

Excel Courses

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